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2017 Santa Cruz Highball Carbon CC

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The Highball is now available in 29 and 27.5 You pick. We tried to keep the handling characteristics the same between the two bikes, and let the wheel size traits shine through. One difference the 27.5 version has a size small, while the 29er does not, and that the 29er has an XXL, while the 27.5 does not On the 29er, we shortened the chainstays by almost a half-inch, and stretched out the front end of the bike by about the same. This allows you to run a more modern stem/bar combo and makes the bike a little quicker in the corners. A lot of folks want to talk about head tube angle when they talk about hardtails, but we rode a lot of different options, and decided the 70.5-degree angle we used on the first Highball was spot-on. It strikes the right balance of quick handling and stability, and wont wander on you when youre climbing.Despite our commitment to carbon fiber engineering and manufacturing, we know the allure of a metal bike. Perfect welds, properheft, and a certain tangible quality makes metal an attractive materail. It's also more amenable to the placement of bolts and other hardware than carbon is, which is why we offer a single-speed dropout kit in the alloy version of the Highball, but not the carbon. If you want to get your hammerhead on, we think this is the best way to do it. In addition we reduced the seat post size to 27.2mm, which adds some compliance youll appreciate when youre 80 miles in to a 100-mile race.The Highball is unapologetically fast, surprisingly fun, and every bit a Santa Cruz mountain bike.


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